Chloe Atelier Des Fleurs Narcissus Poeticus EDP 蔻依仙境花園-春日水仙女士香水50ml

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Drawing on this wide variety of natural bouquets, the House of Chloé has collaborated with renowned perfumers to create the Atelier des Fleurs line. The original collection of 12 perfumes has been extended to introduce three new all-natural fragrances, crafted from responsibly grown flowers. Although each perfume has a unique signature rooted in the perfumer’s memory, they are designed to work in harmony in endless combinations.

A fresh and slightly powdery perfume, Narcissus Poeticus captures a joyful memory of springtime delight. The narcissus is the first flower Philippine Courtière ever fell for in childhood, when she would stroll along the paths of the Jardin du Luxembourg with her grandmother and gather it in little bouquets. The delicate narcissus brings honey-scented notes to the perfume.

蔻依仙境花園-春日水仙清新怡神的芬芳中略帶粉香,喚起春日的歡快回憶。Philippine Courtière追尋記憶,回想起水仙是她第一種愛上的花。這段花戀故事要追溯至童年時代,她與祖母在巴黎盧森堡公園的小徑踱步,將散發淡淡蜜糖甜香的水仙紮成小花束。

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