Chanel Gabrielle Essence EDP 香奈兒 - 嘉柏麗天性女士香水100ml

Chanel Gabrielle Essence EDP 香奈兒 - 嘉柏麗天性女士香水100ml

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A floral, solar and voluptuous interpretation composed by Olivier Polge, Perfumer-Creator for the House of CHANEL. Inspired by Gabrielle Chanel, GABRIELLE CHANEL ESSENCE is the fragrance of a woman who is attentive to her needs and speaks her mind. A radiant woman who truly shines as she fully expresses her personality. The fragrance seems to hover weightlessly within the square bottle crafted of ultra-thin glass. The label and the stopper flaunt a shade of gold that is deep and rich, just like the fragrance.

由CHANEL首席調香師Olivier Polge調配的香水之作,滿載陽光活力的性感花香調。
GABRIELLE CHANEL ESSENCE以Chanel女士為創作靈感,反映熱切聆聽內心需求和敢於發聲的女性。一個展現真實自我,真正光芒四射的陽光女性。


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