Chanel Allure Sensulle EDP 香奈兒 - 感性魅力女士香精 100ml

Chanel Allure Sensulle EDP 香奈兒 - 感性魅力女士香精 100ml

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ALLURE SENSUELLE is another olfactory interpretation of the ALLURE fragrance. A voluptuous variation with an intriguing and magnetic sensuality. A floral-soft-ambery fragrance that is revealed in a unique way on each woman. Because every woman has her own special allure.

A fascinating floral-soft-ambery fragrance filled with mystery.
It reveals its six facets in a way that is unique to each woman. Ambery notes set the tone for this sensual, enveloping composition that intertwines Rose, Frankincense and Amber Patchouli.

ALLURE SENSUELLE香水系列的輕柔東方花香香調結構如同一顆有六個切面的嗅覺鑽石:清新調、永恆花香調、木香調與果香調和原本的ALLURE香氣相仿,但重新詮釋出更為甜美、神秘、飽滿的特質;圓潤且醇厚的琥珀,結合了波本香根草、琥珀廣藿香與性感香調;最後,一款新的香調—陽光辛辣調,以薰香和粉紅胡椒組成,表現出帶點深度和神祕的柔和香氣。 

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