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Christian Dior Eau Sauvage EDT 狂野之水男性淡香水 100ml

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由Dior在1966年推出的Eau Sauvage ,明亮清新的呈現出柑橘,綠色和辛辣香氣,賦予它們創造多樣和清新的香氣,是非常迷人的經典香水,前調包括波光粼粼的佛手柑,檸檬和各種水果香調,提供柑橘能量爆炸,而羅勒,迷迭香和葛縷子種子創造更加草藥,芳香的氣氛。中調是鳶尾根,廣藿香,玫瑰,檀香,康乃馨,茉莉和香菜,營造出柔和花香的柔和樸實氣息。最後,香根草,橡苔,麝香和琥珀的基調,為今天任何有魅力的現代男士提供了一種溫暖而陽剛的元素。

該版本由專業調香師Edmond Roudnitska設計,於1966年由法國Christian Dior時裝公司推向世界。該品牌在其生命歷程中銷售了令人驚嘆的225款香水。

香 調: 柑苔調
前 味: 佛手柑、檸檬、柑橘、葛縷子、羅勒、迷迭香
中 味: 鳶尾、廣藿香、玫瑰、檀香、康乃馨、茉莉、香菜
後 味: 香根草、橡苔、麝香、琥珀

A revolutionary fragrance before, an iconic fragrance today. Absolutely modern. A token of good taste and refined masculinity, Eau Sauvage Eau de Toilette is more than just a fragrance.It is synonymous with absolute elegance, an enduring "Dior spirit" infused with modernity.

Its floral citrus signature is both refined and powerful, sophisticated and fresh. The subtle balance of San Carlo bergamot, harvested exclusively for Eau Sauvage, the vibrant touch of hedione with a unique, velvety, floral quality and a distinctive chypre trail. "It is a composition as limpid as the music of Mozart. One that seems simple, but is, in reality, much more complex. It is intricately worked, each component exactly in its place. Eau Sauvage is a proper fragrance."