Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet EDT 晶燦女性淡香水 (橙水晶) 40ml - 品薈toppridehk

Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet EDT 晶燦女性淡香水 (橙水晶) 40ml

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好聞,舒服的氣息。剛開始覺得它普通,後來的某一次,從滿是刺鼻異味的包廂走出,補噴了晶燦,突然被那股溫暖、成熟、平定人心的香味驚艷到了。感官瞬間舒服平靜下來。 很適合輕熟女。也適合當做夜晚的睡香。想要讓自己、也讓周遭人舒適愉悅,晶燦是不錯的選擇。

香 調: 木質花香調
前 味: 柑橘、藏紅花
中 味: 印度晚香玉、桂花
後 味: 印度木香、琥珀

ÄGood smell, comfortable . At first I thought it was ordinary. Then one time, I walked out from pungent odors and sprayed Omnia Indian Garnet EDT. I was suddenly surprised by the warm, mature, calming fragrance. Very suitable for young lady, and it is also suitable for night sleeping. If you want to make yourself and the people around you are is a good choice. Fragrance: woody floral First note: citrus, saffron Middle note: Indian Tuberose, Osmanthus Base note: Indian woody, amber ?