Bvlgari BLV Pour Homme EDT 藍茶男士淡香水 100ml

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BLV Pour Homme是在2001年推出的。這款香水的調香師是Alberto Morillas。前調是荳蔻 和 檀木; 中調是杜松, 生薑 和 良薑; 基調是柚木, 煙草花 和 綠葉。

BLV Pour Homme淡香水清新中帶有辛辣木質調,迥異香息和諧混融,散發精煉的陽剛魅力。由冰冷一步步轉化為溫暖,散發清爽的木質辛辣味。瓶身方正,透亮的藍色調,充滿活力。

BLV Pour Homme was launched in 2001. The perfumer of this perfume is Alberto Morillas. Top notes are cardamom and sandalwood; middle notes are juniper, ginger and good ginger; base notes are teak, tobacco flower and green leaf.

BLV Pour Homme Eau de Toilette has a spicy woody fragrance in the fresh, and the different fragrances blend harmoniously, exuding refined masculine charm. Step by step from cold to warm, with a refreshing woody spicy taste. The bottle is square and has a translucent blue tone, full of vitality.

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