Goutal Petite Cherie EDP 古特爾 - 小甜心女士香水 50ml

Goutal Petite Cherie EDP 古特爾 - 小甜心女士香水 50ml

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An enchanted garden, a pear tree blossoms beside a blooming rose bush. Not fully woman, not fully child, Petite Chérie picks a pear from the tree and discovers the tenderness of a kiss between flower and fruit. A fragrance to embrace.

Notes : Pear, Peach, musky Rose, freshly cut Grass, Vanilla


迷人的花園裡,梨花盛開,伴隨一叢綻放的玫瑰。快要從小女孩蛻變成少女的Petite Chérie,從樹上摘下一朵梨花,那股柔美的花果清香讓人不禁想親吻一下。

香調 : 梨、蜜桃、野玫瑰、鮮青草、香草 

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