Adidas Get Ready Men EDT 愛迪達 預備男士淡香水100ml

Adidas Get Ready Men EDT 愛迪達 預備男士淡香水100ml

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Eau de tolilette with spray format for easy application and with a bottle of sporty and casual design. Courtesy of Adidas, its launch date was in 2014, designed by perfumer Jacques Huclier. Its composition has tropical and citrus notes of fruits such as pineapple, orange and Tangerine, in combination with the essence of sea and the minty touch of Sage.

This blend, together with woody tones such as cedar and sandalwood, allows a fusion of fragrances that denote strength and presence, without overwhelming everyone around, thanks to the notes of freshness that balance it. It can be used daily, both day and night. It is aimed at the male audience and is a product whose fragrance is long lasting.


前調 : 海洋元素, 鳳梨 和 橘子;

中調 : 熱帶水果, 薰衣草 和 快樂鼠尾草;

基調 : 雪松, 廣藿香 和 檀木。 

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