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Prada Candy Florale EDT 糖果小姐花漾淡香水 30ml

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Prada Candy Florale 的旅程以純潔的白色作為起始,之後進入了充滿奇妙幻想的花花世界,散發出點點的活潑與感性氣息,過程中產生了微妙的變化。繁花似錦的花海融合了多重充滿生機的花香韻調,代表 Candy的不同特質。

Candy Florale 的包裝設計充滿柔媚的女人味也帶點活潑。粉紅色調的瓶身配合瓶身底部圓滑而彎彎的線條,更能突顯出玫瑰粉色的香水誘人之處。香水外盒也同時採用獨特的粉紅色調和小花圖案相互呼應,盡顯Prada Candy與別不同獨具個性的氣質。

前調: 檸檬酒雪芭
中調: 牡丹
基調: 安息香、麝香、焦糖、蜂蜜

Candy Florale's packaging design is full of feminine and lively. The pink-toned bottle body with the smooth and curved lines at the bottom of the bottle body highlights the attractiveness of the rose pink perfume. The perfume box also uses unique pink tones and small flower patterns to echo each other, showing Prada Candy's unique temperament.

Top note: lemon wine sherbet

Middle note: Peony

Base notes: benzoin, musk, caramel, honey