Nina Ricci Ricci Ricci EDP 都市麗人女士香水 50ml (瑕疵品 ,噴咀鬆脫)

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Defect Goods 瑕疵品

Spray Nozzle is loose but useable. 噴咀鬆脫

Defect Goods are not allowed to return or exchange once order has been fulfilled.


The exquisite bottle design reflects the temperament of this perfume. At first, the slightly sweet scent seems to be a bit mature for a mature woman b. The floral fragrance later brings out the elegance of mature women. Light fragrance is so durable, it is suitable for women / children around 25 years old, wearing it all day makes people happy.

Fragrance notes: floral notes, citrus notes

Top notes: rhubarb, bergamot

Middle notes: rose, tuberose, Indian tuberose

Base notes: Sandalwood, Guang Huo Xiang


香 調: 花香調 、 柑苔調
前 味: 大黃、佛手柑
中 味: 玫瑰、夜來香、印度晚香玉
後 味: 檀香、廣霍香 


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