Christian Dior Miss Dior EDT 甜心小姐淡香水 50ml

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Miss Dior淡香薰清新如花卉漩渦一樣教人陶醉。格拉斯玫瑰與鈴蘭翩翩起舞,輕柔得如薄紗襯裙隨風飄揚一樣悅目賞心。魅力四射的Miss Dior,她將永不止息的熱情投進生命與愛情之中。

「Miss Dior淡香薰的中調,是輕盈而絢麗的百葉玫瑰,它綻放著明亮而飽滿的醉人香氣。我希望透過鈴蘭的香調賦予它獨特的清新迷人氣質。」

A revolutionary fragrance before, an iconic fragrance today. Absolutely modern. A token of good taste and refined masculinity, Eau Sauvage Eau de Toilette is more than just a fragrance.It is synonymous with absolute elegance, an enduring "Dior spirit" infused with modernity. Its floral citrus signature is both refined and powerful, sophisticated and fresh. The subtle balance of San Carlo bergamot, harvested exclusively for Eau Sauvage, the vibrant touch of hedione with a unique, velvety, floral quality and a distinctive chypre trail. "It is a composition as limpid as the music of Mozart. One that seems simple, but is, in reality, much more complex. It is intricately worked, each component exactly in its place. Eau Sauvage is a proper fragrance."